Hawaiitalian (EP)

by Onze

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Durant l'été 2014, je suis parti écumer les routes du nord de l'Italie en famille. Au moment de partir, j'ai vu que le postier portait un colis bizarre : il s'agissait du ukulélé que j'avais commandé quelques semaines plus tôt.
J'ai commencé à écrire certaines de ces chansons sur la route, et il m'a fallu 6 mois pour me décider à les enregistrer. Ces chansons parlent d'Italie, de souvenirs de jeunesse et de l'incapacité à s'excuser quand il serait temps.

Enregistré et mixé à la maison entre avril et juin 2015.
Un grand Merci à Thomas, Ludo, Matthieu, Nico et Jérôme, Julien, et Bibi pour leur soutien et leurs conseils.


released July 4, 2015

Last summer, I went road-tripping with my family in the North of Italy. At the very moment we were leaving home, I saw the postman carrying a weird shaped package : it was the ukulele that I had ordered a few weeks earlier.
I started writing some of those songs on the road, and it took me 6 months to decide that I wanted to record them. Those songs are about Italy, youth memories and the difficulty of apologizing.

Recorded and engineered at home between April and June 2015
Many thanks to Thomas, Ludo, Matthieu, Nico and Jérôme, Julien, and Bibi for the support and the good advices.



all rights reserved


Onze Lyon, France

A bunch of experimental / pop / folk / ambiant songs, recorded in the loneliness of a bedroom.

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Track Name: David stands
so we drove to a land of golden ceilings
and, well above the tallest man around,
david stands in all his pride
we're magnetized

so we rode to this place built like a shell
and history is drawn on marble stone
hundred of stripes in black and white
we're hypontized

so we shove, and we're faking our strength
like thousands of spectators abroad
there it stands, oblique and bright
we're mesmerized
Track Name: I owe You
i owe you a last glance, a last dance, a last chance
but i don't feel like giving it right now

i owe you some words, this peace of mind, the phrase behind
but i don't feel like talking right now

i owe you nine flowers, a birthday card, a better regard
but i don't think i'm sorry right now

i'm not one for empathy, you know
Track Name: Younger
we were young, and upset
we were the sun, and everything else
let's bite into this fruit, let's build a tree house

there were kids and stray dogs
there were strangers, and elsewhere ennemies like ourselves
let's light a fire

we were young and perfect
we were friends, and everything else
let's hide from the other, let's build a shelter

(i know you there, on the bridge
i know you since my childhood)
Track Name: Medici's Blues
all hail to the builder!
all hail to the elder!

and i wonder how it came to his mind to display his wealth through houses this high..?

silk roads and heavy stones
marble for all tones

and great monuments occult the sad fate of those who stood high in front of his height..!
Track Name: Dissolve
we are both trying to dissolve
into tin, iron and the night
'cause we are one, and one, and two
and the shape of our marvel is a tomb

we are now dying to resolve
what happened to us yesterday
'cause we are three, and five, and eight
and the math of our love was all wrong
Track Name: Tiredness
you can't say you haven't been warned about my tiredness
and there, a few meters away, you see a sulky boy
i know, it sounds like total thrash in front of such mosaics
i cannot apologize enough

you can't say you haven't been warned about my self-righteousness
yes! there, in the sickest spaces, there's nothing i can relate to..
and now, hindsight, culture, knowledge : they make no difference
i cannot apologize enough
Track Name: Tuscany
there are places where the soil is soft and warm
and most instants seem to freeze to some extent
and we smile
there are small roads where curves never end
and most treetops shine like silver coins
and we laugh

let's ride further let's drive faster..!

i wish i could bring back more of this food
sit down, two sips of wine, let's watch the moon
how simple
now there's a room with elder's perspectives
and dark haired brides shine with elegance
how wealthy

let's ride further, let's drive faster, towards tuscany!

there are lost ways, they lead to houses high
and flag throwers surge and show their skills
so much noise
castles and ruins melt under the sun
yet, what landscape looks greener than this?
we're amazed

let's ride further, let's drive faster, towards tuscany!